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Exploring the X - James Turrell through the lens of science. Lecture by Dr. Marjan Sharifi

Sonntag, 12.12. | 15.15 – 16.15 Uhr

1 h light art presentation, including a Lecture by Dr. Marjan Sharifi
Kapelle Dorotheenstädtischer Friedhof I Mitte
Chausseestr. 126
10115 Berlin
Kirche/Kapelle des Veranstalters
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10 € tickets via: billetto.eu/e/586307
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How do spaces we interact in resonate with how we feel, how we think?
How does art open up the experiential possibilities of these interactive spaces? Through this event, you will be guided through the exploration of how Turrell's artwork has the possibility to transform our thoughts, feelings and daydreams.

Dr. Marjan Sharifi is a cognitive scientist and interdisciplinary scholar who regularly works with artists and designers.

•Duration: 1 hour
•Entrance fee: 10 €, tickets are non refundable
•You need to present the following documents in order to be admitted to the chapel: 1. Your ticket (printed or digital), 2. Your proof of complete Covid 19 vaccination with a vaccine approved by the European Union or proof of your recovery from Covid 19, 3. Your ID card
•Inside the chapel we kindly ask you to wear a medical mask
•Visitors with flu symptoms are not allowed to enter the installation
•The chapel opens 30 minutes prior to the event

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